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A hilarious murder mystery!

The landlord of The Frog & Bucket has been brutally murdered… but the restaurant must remain open and you are invited for dinner.

None other than Sherlock Holmes has been called upon to solve the crime, his trusty sidekick Watson in tow. A second murder, you say?! Who is responsible? Collect the clues, question the characters and solve the mystery (or just sit back and enjoy the show).

A unique, interactive murder mystery with a three course dinner included. Elementary my dear Watson!

Doors 7pm/Show 7.30pm

Tickets £26.50 (includes 3 course meal – menu below)

Starter choices: Gazpacho Soup (vg) or Antipasti with Olives

Main choices: Beef Burger with Fries, Hot Dog with Fries or Vegan Burger with fries (vg)

Dessert choices: Lemon Cheesecake or Vegan Chocolate tart (vg)

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