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Hapa Dance Academy


Class Descriptions

Graded Examinations – Primary, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Intermediate 

Modern Theatre Dance

Tap Dance

Imperial Classical Ballet


Modern, Tap & Ballet make a distinctive contribution to the education of all students, through using movement, which is one of the fundamental modes of human expression.
It offers a range of learning opportunities and enables participants to enjoy physical expression as well as develop intellectual sensibilities.
As they work together in these genres of Dance, candidates learn about co-operation and develop an understanding of the shaping of movement into artistic forms of expression.
Candidates develop the skill and understanding of dance, at the same time as building a sound technique, by developing the physical ability to communicate through movement in an expressive and artistic way.
Also, a range of transfers across the genres become possible as the candidate develops physically and learns common skills such as running, use of arms, posture, timing and rhythmic awareness.
In this way, with additional teaching input, the candidate can develop a broad base of dancing skills. Along with a clearly defined structure allows learning to take place in the context of safe dance practice. The Graded Examinations build up progressively, ensuring that steps and skills learned at lower levels prepare for more complex movements as the candidate progresses. 



The aim of Graded Examinations is to provide an assessment scheme for dance, which gives the basis for the measurement of the individual candidate’s progress and development, whether the candidate is pursuing dance as a leisure activity or as preparation for a professional career as a dance teacher or performer.


The objectives of graded dance examination syllabuses are to:

  •  Teach correct posture 

  •  Develop the range of movement within the students’ natural capabilities 

  •  Build a sound technique 

  •  Promote the understanding and use of dance terminology 

  • Encourage and Gain a good sense of self-expression 

  • Encourage creative movement 

  • Promote self-confidence in the performance of a solo

  • Develop an awareness of the use of space

  • Awareness of audience and sense of performance

  • Educate by providing a progressive awareness of the culture and technique of dance.


The aim of our school is provide a high standard of performing arts in a friendly, warm and fun atmosphere.
At HAPA we believe in a process of learning through performance, which is why we focus on the experience of rehearsing towards an end goal;
live productions!


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HAPA Squad – Pre-school classes and fun with mascots.
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